Horde Fishing Guide

This fishing guide I have put together in order for you to gain fishing level experience as quickly as possible – I have left out all the stuff you don’t need to know and will get straight to the point.

WoW Horde Leveling

This guide will detail how to level up in fishing as well as cooking because these skills seem to go together well as you can level up with both skills at the same time. If you would like a cooking guide only check out my Horde Cooking Guide Here. The following steps should take approximately 12 hours to complete, maybe up to 15 if you are a bit slower. Your fishing level will increase based on the amount of catches you make.

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For the gifted maths peoples the equation as follows:
(Current fishing skill level - 25) / 25 = the number of the fish you need to level up. It is important that you realise that it doesn’t matter where abouts you fish – the levelling is only increased by the quantity of fish caught.

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WOW Horde Fishing Guide

1. Start at Mulgore located in the Bloodhoof Village.
2. Talk with Harn and buy these two recipes Billiant Smallfish and Longjaw Mud Snapper.
3. Head over to Stone bull Lake – start fishing.
4. Equip yourself with the fishing rod and use the shiny bauble lure, this makes actually catching the fish a hell of a lot easier.
5. You need to catch 65 Brilliant Smallfish, this should take about 35 minutes.
6. At this stage you should have also caught some Longjaw Mud Snappers (about 35). When you have 60 of these, start cooking them. You can simply create your own fire for the cooking.
7. Also cook up all the Brilliant Smallfish which you just got.
8. Once at level 50, start to cook your Longjaw Mud Snappers.
9. Now go to the Pond at Orgrimmar and get some Longjaw Mud Snappers. The drop rate is much better in Orgrimmar, hence why you need to go there.
10. Before reaching level 65 make sure you learn journey man cooking & fishing.
11. Now to get to cooking level 100 - catch at a minimum of 30 Longjaw Mud Snappers.
12. Head to Hillsbrad and then to theTarren Mill. Go and visit Derak and buy the Bristle Whisker Catfish recipe.
13. You will need about 90-100 of these Whisker Catch Fish to get your fishing to the 175 mark.
14. Between levels 130 and 145, head over to the Shadowprey Village in Desolace & buy the Expert Cook Book.
15. Next head over to Booty Bay and purchase a book towards your fishing level. You will want to talk to the old man heming and buy his expert fishing book.
16. When you get to the 175 cooking level, goto Shadowprey Village at Desolace.
17. Speak to Wulan & buy the Mithril Head Trout recipe, start fishing on the pier there.
18. You need roughly 65 of these in order to raise your cooking level from 175 to level 225.
Once you have completed all of these steps you should have level 225 fishing and cooking. However you cant go any futher unless you have reached level 35. If you have reached level 35 or higher then you have complete two quests. The quests are the Cooking and Fishing Quests.

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